Our Story

Welcome to Calabrisella

Calabrisella opened for the first time on November the 2nd 2014. The meaning behind Calabrisella comes from the original folklore women's costume from the Calabria region. When we all first arrived in Cardiff in 2005, Canton was our first home. We found it to be very friendly and close to town, a nice neighbourhood with a good variety of shops and restaurants, therefore we thought it would be the ideal place where to set up Calabrisella.
We are 3 business partners, Salvo, Angelo and Domenico. Our story began back in Italy where we met at high school and became good friends ever since. We then came to Cardiff to learn English and 9 years later… Calabrisella came to life!
All our staff is from Italy, with great experience within the catering industry. When you walk inside our restaurants, we want you to feel like you are in Italy! Our head chef is Domenico, he is a fully qualified, renown, very knowledgeable and diverse chef. He gained years of experience working all over Italy; his passion is food and one of the things that makes him proud is to be able to offer customers the opportunity to taste his specialities and diversity from all over Italy.

We are open from 9.30am till 10pm, so our clientele is very diverse and comes from all around Cardiff. We provide an expectation service and experience for everyone, from young children with their families to the older generations. Our menu ranges from a creamy Italian espresso paired with one of all our lovely filled croissant to our English Italian style breakfast, to a quick take away Panini or you could sit in and experience our diverse menu, where you can decide between our handmade pasta, our real Italian pizza, one of Domenico’s specialities and so much more. We also offer the traditional tasty Arancini and Cannoli from Sicily that are so loved by our customers. We are authentic, passionate and we pour our hearts into every aspect of Calabrisella. Our success comes with the ability to share the true Calabrese experience with the people of Cardiff. We always trusted that our customers would love to come to our restaurant to experience a bit of Calabria in Cardiff. We are proud to be the first Bar/Pizzeria in Cardiff and our concept is based on offering traditional Italian food and great pizzas, our pizza makers are all from Italy.

Our decor is simple and rustic with traditional artefacts that create a particular and authentic atmosphere typical from the Calabria region. Calabrisella non è solo cibo, è emozioni… Calabrisella isn't just food, it's emotions… In 2017 we added the CALABRISELLA ON THE ROAD, our mobile Pizza van with a wood burn fired oven. We do a lot of events, birthday parties, and street food. In just a few years it has become really popular, and we’ve enjoyed making great street food. In 2019 we opened our second restaurant, Calabrisella Cathays. The concept is exactly the same as Canton, but we upgraded our concept with an amazing pizza oven, which came directly from Italy. Cathays is a fantastic part of Cardiff as well, a bright and busy area with a lot of students. In 2021 growing our family with the additional Ice cream parlour and Cake shop (Calabrisella Gelateria) in Canton, something new in Cardiff, where you can enjoy our traditional artisan ice cream, with our ice cream maker come directly from Italy, the style is modern but traditional.

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Calabrisella Canton <br>   ( 2014 )

Calabrisella Canton
( 2014 )

Calabrisella Canton is considered our Head Quarters as it was the first Pizzeria that the Calabrisella group opened

Calabrisella Cathays <br>( 2019 )

Calabrisella Cathays
( 2019 )

Calabrisella Cathays is our second shop opened to service the Cathays Community.

Calabrisella Gelateria <br>( 2021 )

Calabrisella Gelateria
( 2021 )

Calabrisella Ice Cream is our third shop opened in 2020 to cater to your lighter, sweeter side

Calabrisella Pizza Van <br>( 2017 )

Calabrisella Pizza Van
( 2017 )

The Pizza Van is Calabrisella's mobile shop that can attend parties and events.

Calabrisella Shopping <br>( Coming Soon )

Calabrisella Shopping
( Coming Soon )

This channel will be our shopping corner where we will showcase Calabrisella accessories